Our mission is to help out fellow veterinarians manage dog poisoning cases easier than before. Nothing makes us happier than hearing your positive experiences and feedback on ToxBuddy! Here are a few examples of how Toxbuddy has improved the ways our clients handle their poisoning cases.

This is how ToxBuddy can help you in the clinic or on the go.


“Better and quicker than books, extensive information on different toxic substances.”

– Veterinarian, 24/7 hospital

“Toxic doses, symptoms and treatment guidelines all listed in a user-friendly way. All necessary information in one place!”

– Veterinarian, 24/7 hospital

We can quickly check the toxic doses for different substances, no need to spend time browsing through books.”

– Veterinarian, Evidensia hospital

“With ToxBuddy, our staff can easily assess whether the dog needs medical care or not already during the phone call from the owner.”

– Veterinarian, Espoo Animal Hospital

ToxBuddy speeds up our work considerably. Its quick, practical and easy to use.

– Nurse, Evidensia clinic

Saves 10-15 min per patient. Id recommend ToxBuddy, because it makes poisoning case management quicker and easier.”

– Veterinarian, 24/7 hospital

“Even nursing staff can swiftly check toxic substances and doses. Before, more unusual toxins and medicines had to be checked by a vet.”

– Nurse, Evidensia

Dont just take their word for it. See for yourself and try now!

“ToxBuddy has helped me find more information on substances and more precise estimates on toxicity levels.”

– Private practitioner, 24/7 practice