Our goal is to simplify the process of finding information you need, so that you can use your time more efficiently instead of wasting it tracking down bits and pieces of toxicological data from here and there. 

ToxBuddy is a stress-free option for finding the correct information about dog poisonings in one place. You can forget about browsing through different websites and books or calling potentially expensive helplines.

  • A single source of reliable information online
  • Faster treatment of poisonings 
  • Increase the number of patients you have time to see 
  • Grow practice revenue as you take on more patients 
  • Unlimited use for only 19,90 €/month (single user)

When your dog patient has ingested something it shouldnt have, ToxBuddy will be at your side.



ToxBuddy offers you reliable data about poisonous substances quickly. Clear graphics and simple navigation help you find the right information in no time. 

Help is only three simple steps away: 

1. Look up the toxin in the database 

2. Estimate the ingested amount 

3. Enter the dogweight

There are currently over 300 poisonous substances listed in the database. ToxBuddy calculates the exposure dose and makes an instant toxicity assessment, followed by up-to-date treatment options. It doesn’t end there – ToxBuddy also guides you on through the follow-up process. It doesn’t get much easier than that! 

ToxBuddy is your new best friend in treating dog poisonings – give it a try and see for yourself! 


We know that when it comes to poisoning cases, time is what matters.

Not convinced yet? We offer a FREE 60-day trial for new users! Put all ToxBuddy features to the test.